• Rosemarie has been doing energy healing sessions, remotely for me for the past few months. I'll be honest I was skeptical in the beginning. It really hit home when I was having a particularly stressful time at work - I had to dismiss someone - and I walked out the office into the Sun and smiled and felt great - which was absolutely absurd - when Rosemarie called me to say she's just completed a healing on me. It's quite amazing the amount of baggage we carry around with us on a daily basis - without even knowing it. We see it as our lot in life - yet it's completely unnecessary. We have the right to feel like we've just climbed out that relaxing warm bath and are sitting with our animals in the fireplace, every day. We can really be light, joyful, engaging, positive, without trying to force ourselves. There is a way we can just shine. I haven't found it yet, but Rosemarie certainly has, and she's teaching me to allow my inner child to play, to not carry baggage that doesn't belong to me, to be more present, and all those good things. These really are the foundation lessons to happiness. It's unfortunate that they don't teach this to us at school.  MARK VAN WYK 
  • I did three energy healing sessions with Rosemarie. Each time was a totally different outcome and surprisingly applicable to my life.  Rosemarie knows the human body very well and made me feel calm, relaxed and definitely energised.  Energy healing is very interesting and makes us realise how much we are holding onto in our bodies. - NIKI DE VRIES
  • It has been so wonderful having someone work on you with such a wonderful heart.  I truly believe that the work that Rosemarie does has had a positive effect on me because the treatments that I asked her to do for me all had to do with problems I had with my stomach and headaches, and I have had improvements with both. I can feel an immediate difference with my headaches after a healing, it has a wonderful effect.  All the feedback that I was given gave me a clear understanding of myself and made perfect sense to me.  I would really recommend her work because the best thing is the distance healing, which means you don't have to be there when the healing is taking place.  I couldn't have asked for anyone better to do it, putting another's needs before your own is a true gift and blessing - MEAGAN
  • I never believed in energy healing and other things, it's all weird for me, however I started seeing a different perspective on it and am really amazed at how well it works.  Rosemarie worked on me and my family, my son used to sleep walk most nights, since she has worked on him, he has only sleep walked once. My daughter used to bang her head every time she throws a tantrum, since Rosemarie has worked on her she hardly does it now.  I am a chronic asthmatic, I always had my inhaler by my side, I slept with it and used my inhaler at least 6 to 8 times a day.  Since Rosemarie worked on my asthma, I don't need to keep my inhaler by my side as my chest is clear. I also have a very traumatic past which is deep and only I know about it, nobody else, but Rosemarie messaged me to say that she has worked on me and she had picked up very deep trauma, I was very emotional for a few days after, but ever since then I started to feel better, I started to see life better, all thanks to you Rosemarie. - WAGIEDAH ERNST
  • Rosemarie has done several healings for me and able to pick up on certain areas with connection to my endometriosis and some emotional time periods throughout my life.  I believe clearing out any negative energy is a boost and a start to pushing through whatever it is that is holding us back from helping other people and loving ourselves to maximum capacity. I truly appreciate the light and heart she puts in caring about others...whether they are physically close to her or on the other side of the world. Positive energy transcends over any miles in between.- AMBER
  • In the beginning as a non believer in the healing possibilities that Rosemarie offers, I have had a big mind change. I could really feel the difference in mind and body. This process made me stronger in mind and body. I really would recommend her healing methods. Thank you Rosemarie for what you have done for me.- HERMANUS BOUWER
  • Rosemarie's energetic work is beyond my (current!) understanding. What I do acknowledge is the wonderful sense of well being following each and every treatment and my total trust in her intentions. -  WENDY 
  • My sessions with Rosemarie, distant or on-site, bare testimony about her absolute integrity, intent and resulting efficacy. 
    I experienced major shifts with regards to deeply seated blockages, through old limiting beliefs and inhibiting emotional reactions, in my life. 
    Rosemarie radiates love and compassion and I recommend anyone who is open to energy work to experience the healing power of her sessions. - MARTIN GEVERS
  • I have been on my healing from illness journey for a few years and struggled with the deeper understanding of how I got ill. I had done enough work to know that there was emotional healing I was still unaware of that needed to be healed. After my first healing with Rosemarie, I had a clear knowing that this was 'it'. Rosemarie brought awareness to the buried emotion and the cause. The effect of bringing your awareness to the pained area and allowing it to release is subtle. As time has gone by and I have felt the subtle shift I can only feel gratitude that my heart was open to connecting and trusting Rosemarie. Rosemarie is and will be very much a part of my on going healing and living to my full potential. She is a light in my life that I will forever be grateful for. - CATHY COWIE 
  • "I appealed to Rosemarie to help me with some issues I was having, physical and mental/emotional. We did some sessions in person but the majority were done as distance sessions. After a couple of weeks of this I suddenly realised that an issue that I have been suffering with since 2010, where I fractured a small bone in my foot in a indoor climbing incident, had disappeared. Every morning, as well as after long periods of sitting still, I wouldn't be able to walk due to excruciating pain in this foot. It was like there had been some lactic acid build up or something, and it would take a minute or so of walking to get this pain to go away and for me to be able to walk normally. This, strangely enough was not the issue that I had asked her to work on as I imagined it was something I was stuck with. I am extremely grateful for all that she has done and continues to do for me and the animals I have asked her to work with as well. She conducts herself in a very professional yet caring manner and is dedicated to her clients" - TARRYN VAN WYK

  • Rosemarie is such a passionate and driven woman in what she believes in and it shows in her therapy sessions.I would recommend her excellent touch therapy in Swedish massage for any stress relief. - CELINE

  • Thank you so much for the most delicious massage I have ever had - Not just for the last one, but for each one these past five weeks. My appointment with you was top of my list each week! Everything about the massage is wonderful, from the lovely fluffy such a comfortable bed. Most of all, the relaxed feeling that sets in as you start, you can drift off into your own world!....just getting more and more relaxed under your skilled hands...sensing, you are doing it with love and great skill. What a wonderful talent you have, to make your client feel cared for, while stroking all the knots and stress in the muscles in my neck and back and the added bonus of massaging my arms and hands with great care and skill. What a gift to have you as a masseuses. Thank you for the whole experience...perfect! See you soon for this gift of relaxation. - ESTELLE BUITENDAG

  • Rosemarie helped me a lot. She opened my eyes to things that I had blocked my mind to. The process that you did with me is something that I can use in the future. When I am down then I sit and write down my thoughts. Very helpful.It was a good session for me personally and I would recommend it for everybody. Thank you Rosemarie - SOPHIA VAN ROOYEN