This is an in depth philosophical class, aimed at lifting and clearing emotional baggage. There will be a lot of process work and emotional cleansing as well as in depth energy healing tools. 

This class is about giving many solutions to the emotional and spiritual problems we face. This is more than anything the passing on of tools for you to achieve freedom from within. This class is for people who are interested in spirituality and learning tools for forgiveness and non judgement in order to attain authentic happiness through unconditional love.


  • Self Awareness and intuition
  • Who are you what makes you tick, the rules of change, what is intuition, how to respond to innate, mindfulness, surrender, flow
  • Ego
  • What is ego, why do we have it, how to identify it and stop identifying with it, love and fear.
  • Living from the Soul
  • What is your soul, how does your soul communicate with you, how to honor your soul, how to live from the soul
  • Emotional Cleansing
  • What does it mean to be emotionally stuck, what is emotional cleansing, what is process work, emotional cleansing process work
  • Forgiveness
  • What is forgiveness, why should we practice forgiveness, how to do we practice and achieve forgiveness, unconditional forgiveness
  • Creativity - Being the master Creator
  • Creativity and life, how do you understand creativity, what is your medium, how can you create your dream life
  • Law of Vibration and Attraction
  • What is the law of vibration, what is the law of attraction, how do we apply both laws to our lives, how can we raise our vibration, how are you personally using the laws in your life (a process journey), how can we attract more of what we want into our lives
  • Personal Responsibility
  • What is personal responsibility, the blame game, victim versus victor, reclaiming your personal power.
  • Our Energy system
  • What is energy, what is a chakra, our energy systems in the 4th dimension, the hara (5TH) dimension
  • Energy Healing
  • What is energy healing, energy healing techniques discussed, the benefits of energy healing, basic muscle testing, individual energy sessions
  • Meditation
  • What is meditation, Benefits of meditation, practical meditation techniques, how to meditate if you think that you can't
  • Wounds of the Soul
  • The five wounds of the soul discussed in detail, how do the soul wounds effect your life, how can you overcome your wounds
  • Vulnerability
  • What does it mean to be vulnerable, how can you teach vulnerability to yourself, a richer, fuller, happier life because of vulnerability, courage and fear
  • Authenticity
  • What is authenticity, how can you be real, how to live authentically, what is our authentic state of being

  • Self love
perceptions, morals values principles, self nurturing
*Not every topic covered is on the list as sometimes the classes will dictate a need for a certain topic to be addressed

Classes are held once a week until the syllabus is complete. Each class runs for 2-3 hours. First class starts on the 21st May 2017. These classes are very interactive, with a lot of learning from each other and allowing our innate to guide us to truth.

Cost is a monthly payment of R400 or R100 per individual class. Classes are held on a Sunday at Amber Moon, Beach Road, Gordons Bay  
To book Contact Rosemarie - 0763997734



  • Connecting with your psychic gifts
  • Emotional processing and clearing

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