Hello and welcome...

I am a Soul Healing and Self Mastery Coach as well as a psychic healer.

My intention is set to help you to heal yourself at your deepest level, dive deep, be real, be vulnerable and be unconditional love.

I reconnect you to live from the heart, to honor and heal your beautiful soul, and live an abundant, authentic, happy life.

I teach classes every Sunday on Soul Healing and Self Mastery and I do in person one on one coaching  sessions.

When I do a psychic healing session, in person or via skype, I connect to your soul by channeling divine guidance.  We go behind the veil and then shift and heal burdens on the soul. 

I also teach the following workshops:

  • Connecting with your psychic gifts - I explain the different psychic gifts and give you techniques to connect with your gifts through the divine and understanding your intuition.

  • Emotional Cleansing workshops - Taking personal responsibility for your pain, reclaiming your personal power and attaining forgiveness.

If you would like to make contact with me for more information or to chat or to make an appointment to set up a session or attend a class or workshop please go to my contact page.