Saturday, 3 June 2017


" To be vulnerable takes more courage than to remain unheard, or remain unloving, or remain hiding behind the veil and not really living with all your heart." RLM

Being vulnerable is one of the scariest things for grownups to be. We seem to worry about all the what ifs and all the what could go wrong if we put ourselves out there and exposed our truth that is begging to come out.

We hide our feelings because we are afraid of looking foolish or being rejected. We don't take risks because we are afraid of not succeeding.

It seems mad to a person like me because we can't achieve anything if we are crippled by fear, and by not making ourselves vulnerable we will never know what is on the other side of our dreams, they will always just stay dreams. 

Stepping out of the comfort zone is the difference between finding out if the dreams in our minds and hearts can become a reality. It is only the ones who risk looking like a fool and are open to facing failure that make the difference in the world. It is sad that is the minority.

If you are a person who lives from the space of your head then you will find it hard and very very scary to jump into your heart space, because you are soothed by the protection that the ego gives you.

You like the what ifs that it tells you about. so that you can not take the risks and look like a fool or fail or get rejected. It is your comfort zone and being exposed feels awful to you.

How do you loose that fear? YOU JUST DO IT!!! 

Yup, it is that just step out of your comfort zone and do the complete opposite thing to what your ego is telling you to do.

That sounds mad right? How can you go against everything that you know and what feels right and safe? 

I say that you can do it because we have to...we have to take the fall into our hearts if we want to be truly happy...we have to be willing to retrain ourselves to make different scary choices until they become to easy and so comfortable and so much apart of you that you don't know how you ever lived without being vulnerable.

Being vulnerable means being you. It means being real and raw and honest about who and what you are at your core. It is about being real about what you are feeling and what you really want for yourself.

Whether that be a new job or the love of your life, or moving to the other side of the world, or stepping out of the norms of your family or friends or society or asking for help or admitting you were wrong and saying sorry. What ever it is that you are wanting to express about who you are and what you need to be really happy at your core.

Human beings will spend a life time with a partner and never have a fulfilled sex life because they are to afraid to tell their partner what they afraid to be vulnerable in the most vulnerable space for two human beings...what will they think of you if you actually enjoy sex and enjoy the gift of your own body and the wonder and joy of intimacy with someone that you love.

Living a human life is a scary daunting thing or it is a beautiful magical gift. We have people that we may disappoint or we have people that may disappoint us. We have awesome ideas and dreams that we are to afraid to take further because we are to afraid to fail or have people judge us.

People are going to judge you. And I say.....SO WHAT!!! LET THEM JUDGE!! Other peoples opinions are just that and need have no bearing on you and who you are. Don't let someone elses fear stop you from being happy and real.

Isn't it so sad to think that most of us don't live our lives fully because we are so stuck behind fear and that fear is actually just a load of rubbish ideas that our egos tell us, it is just a made up load of crap in our minds. We pre decide the outcome and then never take the risks.

The rule of losing the fear of being vulnerable, is to be vulnerable...if you want to change the results of your life then you are going to have to change the way you do things. If you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same results.

You are going to be scared in every moment when you are faced with the choice to be vulnerable, but to get over the fear you are going to have to teach yourself to act in spite of it. You will then break your pattern and your heart will eventually be the one that is doing the decision making and the fear will become less and less and less. 

Being vulnerable is the most courageous thing a human being can be. Being vulnerable is being authentic and it is being true to your heart.

Being vulnerable is for the strong, brave souls. Being vulnerable is about over coming fears and bearing your soul in spite of judgement and rejection and failure. It is about being strong in your truth and being in line with your authentic self and not stopping the flow of the Universe working through you. 

Vulnerability is one of the strongest traits of the human spirit. It is about breaking down walls around your hearts and your dreams and your souls longings. 

There is no rule that we are what we are. We can all choose something different for ourselves in any moment. We can become new and reborn in a new truth anytime we choose to do so. We just have to do it. 

With so much love

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