Saturday, 20 May 2017


"Your perception of me is a reflection or you, my reaction to you is an awareness of me" - UNKNOWN

How we view the world, is exactly that, it is our view. There are billions of people on this planet and each and every one of us has a different way of perceiving our reality. 

I believe we all live according to an individual truth because we process new information and experiences based on our unique understanding of our own reality. That personal reality is based on our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual opinions, experiences and information. 

I can look into a night sky and see infinity, and others can see only stars, or perhaps someone will only see darkness. Every pair of eyes will see it differently and not only see it differently but also understand and feel it differently. Some will see it with awe and humility and others with arrogance and fear. 

Inside each and every reality is a world and what we seem to always over look is that our worlds are not the same.

If you can put yourself into a personal relationship and think back on a time where your partner or anyone close really let you have it and gave you the worst opinion of yourself. (Not because you were an asshole, but because they were hurting and needed an outlet.) That opinion/perception that they shared of you is actually a reflection of them self. 

We only view and react to the world around us in the way that we see ourselves. This is a pretty scary thought and hopefully an awakening moment into our own behavior sometimes. It could be a very liberating thought though or even a relief to know why you are always seeing the good in people who consistently show you their dark side. Or it can give you a really strong ego reaction and resistance if you only see the bad in others.

So now knowing that and thinking back to how you reacted to someone freaking out at you, did you freak out and take it personally and try to defend yourself and explain yourself and have a desperate need for them to change their opinion/perception of you? 

Your reaction to them is an awareness of you. If you are grounded in your truth and centered in who you are, you are not going to take it personally or agree with anything that they have said, you simply won't take it on and you will know that it is only their perception and rather have compassion for them and see that their fight is not with you but with them self, then you are not going to react very much at all are you?

Not understanding that everything is perception is grounds to keep suffering and keep taking things personally and keep fighting back. So why not stop the fight?

What if everyone stopped taking things personally? What if everyone looked inside them self and stopped pushing blame onto everything outside of them self for any suffering that they are experiencing?

Try see others and yourself through eyes of love and compassion when someone else is not in their center, don't lower your vibration and play the game with them. Because it really is just a game. It is an ego push and pull game with each other and mostly with our self. 

Sometimes you will wax it and other times when your buttons are pushed you are going to react from the automatic programme you have had since childhood. But to either response you have, be mindful of how you feel after and then try be conscious the next time how you choose to react. 

Everything in this life is about you. The only way to heal your soul is to know your self and to master yourself. Once your relationship with yourself changes and heals, every relationship in your life will heal and change for the better. Life is to enjoy and be happy, so lets drop the drama!

With so much love

Friday, 5 May 2017


"If you find me not within you, you will never find me. For I have been with you from the beginning of me." RUMI

I have been guided to write this post on Twin Flames, it is not something that I would usually write about, but it definitely is a part of my work because the Twin Flame journey is all about soul healing, self mastery and service. 

What is a twin flame?
A twin flame is a twin soul. Legend has it that in the beginning of creation some souls volunteered to help save humanity. They volunteered to split themselves in two, and go into two separate bodies, one masculine and one feminine and when humanity was falling apart and in need of rescuing those now twin souls, would come together in order to be a very powerful healing force to raise the vibration of the planet.

They chose the path and do not meet their twin soul in every incarnation. It is said that only one incarnates at a time and the other is a spirit guide and they swap the role of human and spirit guide through many, many incarnations.

They meet in 3D only in their last or second last incarnation. They only meet because it is time for them to fulfill their divine purpose, to get to work on being an incredibly high vibration and spreading that vibration to heal others and the planet.

A twin flame is a lightworker. On their own they are powerful beings of light and healers. Together that power is not doubled but it is magnified to the amount of the depth of the twin flames connection, which is beyond a human comprehension. It is deep.

How do you know if you are a twin flame?
You will have had an extremely hard life, from childhood through to present. Chances are that you are an earth angel.  
You have learnt from life, not become bitter and twisted from it. You will have had a feeling in you from the time of early childhood that you have a twin out there. A complete stranger who will know you by just looking at you. (Yes it sounds weird, it all sounds weird actually, but it is what it is).

You have a radar that is always looking for the “one”, which is actually a radar looking for the twin. Chances are that you are interested in spirituality and drawn to personal growth.
I don’t actually think anyone knows that you are a twin flame until you learn that you are one through the experience of meeting your twin soul. It is kind of grey matter in your life and in the meeting of the twin all the grey becomes clear and it connects the dots and puts it all together for you.

How do you find your twin flame?
You don’t find your twin flame. You don’t search for a twin flame. You just meet. It is a divinely orchestrated plan, it is not some human romantic fantasy.

I think that the twin flame phenomena has been romanticized. It is something which is bringing in money for people and so they are riding it and preying on people desperate to find that one true love.

Yes it is a lovely notion to share a soul with another, but it is not about the romance. The twin flame connection is about personal healing, personal growth, personal transformation and awakening, then it is about service. This is such an important thing for people to know.

I believe that not everyone is a twin flame, no siree! The whole purpose of twin flames is to help heal the world and in order to do that you have to heal yourself first. In order to heal yourself, you have to be prepared to do a shit load of inner work, that is mostly shadow work, it is dark night of the soul stuff.

You have to have a very specific level of consciousness to be able to fulfill the purpose of being a twin flame. That being said, I think it is pretty obvious that very awakened souls and souls who are very open to awakening are the twin souls. Twin flames are not about falling in love and living happily ever after. It is a massive responsibility and an extremely hard journey.

Twin flames are here to serve humanity, not fulfill a need inside yourself to have a great love. Nothing about the connection is about yourself, in fact part of the “initiation” is losing your ego completely. (Although it is all about you, because you have heal and love yourself completely)

Twin flames can not come together in ego at all, 3D love is not a twin flame thing. It has to be an unconditional love of self and the other before it can be a union, and that is some serious soul work I am talking about here.

Statistically they say 1- 2% of the world's population is a twin flame, which is a lot of people considering how many people are on the planet. But it is a lot less than the romantic idea that we all have a twin flame.

So please people take all of the above into consideration before you fall in love with the romantic idea of being a twin flame. You could be missing out on the love you are meant to have, a nice soul mate connection. There is also plenty of growth and learning in those, but they are a walk in the park compared to the journey of the twin flames and mirror souls.

I have seen a lot of posts about twin flames shagging, it seems that the sexual connection is what people ride on, pardon the pun. The twin flame connection is about being a whole, healed human being who is capable of loving the entire universe and all of its inhabitants unconditionally. That is what it is about. It is not about having great sex and getting ego attached to another person who you can’t live without. IT IS ABOUT SERVICE!!!!!!

How do you know if you have met your twin flame?
You would not need to ask this question because you would know. There are a lot of similarities between twin flame experiences but ultimately when you can literally see your soul inside another person that is a pretty good indication.

That and many other things. The first contact is literally something out of a science fiction novel and you have to experience it to believe it. Twin flames generally have had a very similar life. Their life stories and experiences are like looking in a mirror.

You finish each others sentences, you have very similar tastes and preferences. Dreams that you are going to meet them is very common, (but at the time of the dreams you will have no clue that is what it is about.)

Chances are that you have just been introduced to the concept of twin flames by chance just before you meet.

Your radar to search for the one switches off after you meet. You just know that this human being is going to be in your life forever, not sure how or why, but you just know.

In fact you just know that you are what you are to each other. There is a feeling in the depth of your soul that you are finally home. Your whole life starts to make sense, like you can finally connect the dots.

You may have ascension symptoms, you can’t sleep after meeting, tingling over the head, ringing in the ears, burning in the heart chakra, crying often. Accelerated personal growth. The life lessons pour in. Overwhelming feeling of gratitude for the gift that has been given to you. Your psychic abilities awaken or are enhanced and develop deeper.

The initial meeting is absolutely magical. It really is like you have come home for the first time in your life. The comfort and ease is just amazing. When you away from each other you miss each other. Yes you miss a complete stranger. And somehow you just know that you absolutely love this human being and always have and always will…. And then a whole lot of other rather overwhelming things occur.

You become completely consumed with the other. To the point where you are no longer present in your life.There is an overwhelming energy in you that only seems to calm down if you are in each other's company, but when you separate this all consuming fire burns within you that you can’t seem to control.

The only solution seems to be to unplug from the other twin so that you can get some focus and be present in your life again. 9 times out of 10 twins meet but their life’s circumstances are not conducive to a relationship with the other. They are either in a relationship with someone else or live on separate sides of the world, or have some bizarre reasons why being together is impossible.

So when the overwhelm hits, the ego steps into the relationship and takes over and then the honeymoon ends very abruptly. Every possible fear or doubt or problem you can find with the connection you do.

And this is when you separate and then go and work out your shit. And then it becomes a dance. You are drawn to each other and you get the new lesson, then you separate again. And there is this bizarre attraction and repulsion that occurs, like magnets turning, drawn to each other, then pushed away from each other.

And so it continues until egos are dissolved completely and the deepest healing imaginable occurs in each individual twin.

Once complete healing has occurred for both twins, then union is the order of the day. Then the real work can start and the twin flames combined are a force of love and light to heal the world.

Bada bing bada boom…. Or not…

That ego dissolving work is one tough bitch I tell you. The separation even has a term, it’s called running. So the runner chaser dynamic is born.  

It is lifetimes of work that needs to happen there. It is a lifetime of being small and insignificant which needs to vanish. It is about finding a never ending well of love inside yourself which must overflow and pour endless, abundant, unconditional love onto the world.

That is a tough journey. A beautiful, rewarding journey for those brave enough to embark on it though.

Everything from the ego will keep the twins apart. And each twin is a mirror for the other. Just like all relationships I guess, but amplified.

“My perception of you is a reflection of me, my reaction to you is an awareness of me” sums it up very very well.

You will trigger every wound in each other for healing. It a most remarkable and very interesting and very painful thing. But you are only ever responsible for your part of the relationship.

The only thing that your twin is meant to do for you in this time is trigger healing. So with every pain you feel, you need to learn to surrender to it and be open to the lesson it is teaching you.

Be open to the healing that it is bringing and the release of old patterns and programmes. In every pain you need to honor your soul and learn to live from the heart. It is an ongoing lesson of surrender and self love.

The twin flame journey is a very hard one to get your head around. It has so much beautiful purpose, but the path there is radical.

Just by twin flames meeting the healing is activated, the Universe has put the two of you together to start putting its plan for you into action.

If you resist the path then your life becomes more chaotic that you can imagine. There will be one upset and hardship after the other until you take heed to the call of the Universe and start working on yourself and healing. Twin flames have a duty to perform and they have chosen this journey and to be of service, but that is easy to forget when you are living in a 3D body.

The whole life of twin flames is an initiation into what the Universe needs you to be and who you need to be in order to be the deepest, most powerful healer. Nothing that occurs in their lives is by accident or because they are victims of circumstance.

It is because they have needed to learn the lessons to be of service to others. They have need to experience things so that they can have compassion for others.

They have had to move beyond their pain and their darkness to live in their light and therefore be able to shine this light on others. They are here to be examples of unconditional love and forgiveness. The norms do not apply to these people they are the souls that overcome. They are the warriors of the soul.

I hope that this post is useful. If you have any questions or if I have not covered something you would like to know please leave comments below.

With so much love