Saturday, 20 May 2017


"Your perception of me is a reflection or you, my reaction to you is an awareness of me" - UNKNOWN

How we view the world, is exactly that, it is our view. There are billions of people on this planet and each and every one of us has a different way of perceiving our reality. 

I believe we all live according to an individual truth because we process new information and experiences based on our unique understanding of our own reality. That personal reality is based on our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual opinions, experiences and information. 

I can look into a night sky and see infinity, and others can see only stars, or perhaps someone will only see darkness. Every pair of eyes will see it differently and not only see it differently but also understand and feel it differently. Some will see it with awe and humility and others with arrogance and fear. 

Inside each and every reality is a world and what we seem to always over look is that our worlds are not the same.

If you can put yourself into a personal relationship and think back on a time where your partner or anyone close really let you have it and gave you the worst opinion of yourself. (Not because you were an asshole, but because they were hurting and needed an outlet.) That opinion/perception that they shared of you is actually a reflection of them self. 

We only view and react to the world around us in the way that we see ourselves. This is a pretty scary thought and hopefully an awakening moment into our own behavior sometimes. It could be a very liberating thought though or even a relief to know why you are always seeing the good in people who consistently show you their dark side. Or it can give you a really strong ego reaction and resistance if you only see the bad in others.

So now knowing that and thinking back to how you reacted to someone freaking out at you, did you freak out and take it personally and try to defend yourself and explain yourself and have a desperate need for them to change their opinion/perception of you? 

Your reaction to them is an awareness of you. If you are grounded in your truth and centered in who you are, you are not going to take it personally or agree with anything that they have said, you simply won't take it on and you will know that it is only their perception and rather have compassion for them and see that their fight is not with you but with them self, then you are not going to react very much at all are you?

Not understanding that everything is perception is grounds to keep suffering and keep taking things personally and keep fighting back. So why not stop the fight?

What if everyone stopped taking things personally? What if everyone looked inside them self and stopped pushing blame onto everything outside of them self for any suffering that they are experiencing?

Try see others and yourself through eyes of love and compassion when someone else is not in their center, don't lower your vibration and play the game with them. Because it really is just a game. It is an ego push and pull game with each other and mostly with our self. 

Sometimes you will wax it and other times when your buttons are pushed you are going to react from the automatic programme you have had since childhood. But to either response you have, be mindful of how you feel after and then try be conscious the next time how you choose to react. 

Everything in this life is about you. The only way to heal your soul is to know your self and to master yourself. Once your relationship with yourself changes and heals, every relationship in your life will heal and change for the better. Life is to enjoy and be happy, so lets drop the drama!

With so much love