Monday, 13 February 2017


"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." - PABLO PICASSO

I am always talking about and writing about things that I think are useful and relevant to personal growth and transformation to happiness. That is my 'thing', I am the solution finder and the pathway to authentic happiness is my 'game'. I love to share my insights and all the things that help me to win at my 'game' I want to pass that knowledge on to whomever it can help. Every time I have a new insight and awakening I write it down because if it can help me, it could also help you. I have accumulated lots of skills and tools along the way, certificates and qualifications, but none of them make me happy enough to say that it is my 'thing'. Nothing sets my soul on fire more than passing on the secrets of the soul and the road to authentic, abundant happiness. Authenticity and vulnerability, learning and growing at a soul level, that is like breathing for me. This seems like a most irrelevant bit of information about myself, but in those lines I have revealed my life purpose. To me it is like the nectar of life. I have searched for years and years and years to know my purpose on this planet. I have really searched with all my heart and soul to know what my contribution is to this planet, not because I felt like I had to have a purpose, but because there was a yearning, a calling inside of me telling me that I do. It has taken a lifetime of experiences, followed by concentrated self awareness and the commitment to heal all the parts of my being that I have been led to the above understanding and knowing of my place and purpose on planet earth. I have had to own parts of myself that are so far from the norm of society. I have had to understand that this is what makes me happy beyond my wildest dreams and this is me in a nut shell, analyzing, introspecting, solution finding, constant all the time....I do the inner work like nobody you have met before. The inner work is getting to know myself, the good, the bad and the ugly, and the miraculously beautiful too. Doing the inner work has proven to me that happiness is not an idea in my head anymore, doing the inner work has given me a very clear map to destination happiness. Doing the inner work is me, and my purpose. It is by far a very unusual gift and skill, but it is mine and without being open and honest enough to own it and be me, authentic and vulnerable, I would never have had the joy of feeling like I really know my 'thing'. 

We all have some form of a purpose, we all have a burning need inside us to do something or be something or achieve something. I believe we all have this burn inside of us for a reason and it is not to be ignored, it is to be brought to awareness, honored and nurtured. I believe that honoring this burning desire is honoring our soul and a very important step to happiness and the start of becoming aware of the greatness that we are. We were all born with very unique skill sets, and very unique desires and very unique goals, dreams and aspirations. We have these because each of us own a unique gift to contribute to the world. That gift is what sets your soul on fire, the thing that you would do even if you didn't get paid to do it. It is the thing that you think of when you lie in your bed alone in your head. It is probably the thing that you have told yourself you are silly for wanting to do it, and have buried the dream of it along with your true happiness. 

We are souls in a human body, yet we live as if we are human bodies with a mind and the soul is a by product. Our soul is our compass to happiness, it is the most important part of our being. Sure we are ultimately source energy, we are the miracle that makes babies form and every other phenomena on the planet that science can't explain, but the soul is the expression and experience of the two worlds combined. The soul is the combination of source energy and human 3 dimensional experience. Our soul is our joy zone, our peace zone, our unconditional love zone. Our soul is our connection to the divine and disconnection from our ego and all fear based belief systems. Our soul is happiest when you are the authentic version of yourself, when you are honoring your miraculous being on this planet.  

Most people on this planet are so busy surviving, that nobody is really living. Most are in a job they hate or have settled for, are in a body which they don't care for or even like, in a relationship which challenges them more than feeds them and most have no idea that they are a very special soul. Most people feel so stuck in their circumstances that they do not realise above all else that they have a choice to change their lives and that they can choose to live and be really happy rather than just survive waiting for their life to be over. (Maybe I should omit the statement that they are waiting for their life to be over, humans live like they are immortal and take this precious life for granted and waste it.) Not many people live to be happy or to have peace and joy in their hearts. I believe it is not because people are consciously choosing this madness, I believe it is because people are not even aware that they are living like this to begin with. Most people are not happy, but they are not questioning it. People settle for the norm of society and don't question themselves at all. In fact people start judging themselves and create more unhappiness and so the cycle continues. The cycle further into ego and farther away from soul. Every time we make a choice based on what we think we have to do and not what will make us happy we take a step away from our soul.

What makes you happy? Truly happy! Do you ever question what you do and ask yourself if it makes you happy or not? Do you love helping others, or cooking, or gardening, or teaching, or swimming, or sewing or writing? What is that thing that just puts you into your happy place? Do you allow yourself enough freedom to dream of that or is it to scary to even go there because it means you may have to go against everything that you have been taught in this society?

We all have a purpose, and that in my mind is to be happy above all else, and being human we get happiness in the positive perception of the experiences which we have. It is our responsibility to ourselves to figure that shit out and be happy and then pass that gift on to others just by shining and being happy.

What is your thing? I would love to hear!

With so much love