Tuesday, 26 September 2017


"Healing is not a place you reach, it is an ongoing process of deeper discovery into yourself."

I had a question a couple of weeks ago, "how do I know if I am healing?" I have essentially made a list of signs of healing, it is by no means complete, but I think it gives a pretty good indication if you are on the right track. So here is my understanding of healing....

My experience of healing is that it is a lifelong process, where you meet yourself on deeper and deeper levels. Always gaining more and more freedom from within as the layers keep getting stripped off. I have been on a committed healing journey for more than 18 years and I am still going strong.

We have lifetimes to shed and multi verses to discover, it is not a rush or a destination. 

Part of healing is knowing that we are not meant to be getting somewhere and be perfect. It is knowing that we are perfectly imperfect and every moment of our life is new learning and that is the journey.

Healing is the journey from your head to your heart. Realizing that you have a soul that needs nurturing and healing above all else.

Taking full responsibility for yourself and your happiness and shifting all blame from others and forgiving, that is a really big step in the direction of healing.

No matter how severe the action was against you, forgive the perpetrator, because holding onto bitterness, fear, anger etc only poisons you. It continues to give the other power over you and you feed them energy with those emotions. 

Learning to identify your ego, and I mean all of it, that is another huge indicator that you are making progress. 

Our ego is the most slippery thing that comes in all guises, including the self sacrificial saint. Learn to know all its guises.

You are open to learning always, realizing that there is always more to learn.

You become aware of all of you, the good the bad and the ugly, and the extremely beautiful and magical too. You embrace all of it.

You own your dark, but you live your light. You do your shadow work and learn to cast your light on all the dark spaces of your being to heal them and love them.

You stop judging yourself and others. You no longer pity yourself or others, you understand that that pity slows down growth and healing and keeps you or others a victim. Yes, you shift out of victim mentality.

You know your strengths and your weakness and own both, losing any need to be defensive, because you know the truth and the truth never offends you.

You lose your need to be competitive, because you embrace your individuality and the unique individuality of others. You only want to be a better version of yourself for yourself.

You start loving yourself on deeper and deeper levels and putting that love into action, by setting healthy boundaries, being kind to yourself, doing things that make you happy, releasing yourself from all suffering and living your worth. Accepting yourself fully. 

You accept others fully without any need to change them or control them.

You drop your masks and live from a space of authenticity.

You live with a open heart and a space of vulnerability. Your courage comes from a space of honesty, doing the right thing no matter how scary it may seem.

You have no resistance to where the healing process takes you. You are willing to relive pain from the past until it becomes just a memory with no resistance attached.

You attract healthy, happy, loving relationships to yourself, because you are able to receive love as well as give it. The people in your life love and appreciate you.

Because you know your own worth at the deepest level of your being you want to take care of yourself on all levels, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

You live and attract abundance to yourself on all levels.

You are filled with gratitude for all that you have and all that you are and have endless appreciation for everything that you are in contact with. 

You have endless compassion for yourself and the more compassion and kindness that you have for yourself the more you have for others.

You feel a deep appreciation and love for the planet and all that dwell on it.

You feel a deep connection to source and to all beings.

You connect with your intuition and higher self and live a divinely guided life.

You are always honest with yourself, so you don't hide or suppress emotions. You know that being positive all the time is not real. You are real and understand that life is an ebb and flow and therefore all of your emotions have space to be and expressed and released. 

You surrender to everything, you stop trying to control the outcomes of everything in your life, you let go of worry and learn to flow.

You listen to your souls calling and do the things it calls you to do, so that you can live your purpose.

And so the list goes on and on and on.... it is a process that never stops. The more you learn the less you know, you just keep becoming lighter and lighter as you go deeper and deeper into the journey. 

By no means should anyone feel like they are not healing if they are not ticking all of the boxes, just ticking one box shows that you are on your healing path.

I hope that this has answered your question and helped you.

With so much love


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Tuesday, 18 July 2017


"Take time to do what makes your soul happy."

The only way to pull ourselves out of a rut of physical,mental and emotional burnout is to heal our soul.

Our soul is the simplest thing in the world to heal in theory, but it seems that taking the action to do so is where we all fail dismally.

When we were children we were free because we were spontaneous and in the moment. We didn't carry our problems with us. Our only responsibility was to make our self happy in the moment with our resources.

We would find ways to make our selves enjoy the moment by using what ever resources were on hand and if we had limited physical ones, we would pull resources from our imagination and therefore there was no limit to the happiness we would create in the moment.

As adults we weigh our minds down with worry about responsibility. This in turn weighs down every part of our lives. And of course the soul is forgotten and tiredness sets in and just seems to linger. How do we shift this?

The solution is simple....DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!!! 

Connect to your inner child and play! Sing, dance, paint, laugh, spend time in nature. The list can go on and on and on.....

But the secret is that you have to do it!!! Dedicate 30 minutes a day to your joy and you will notice your energy start returning because you are giving your self a happy reason for living.

Follow your bliss! Be happy by doing what makes you happy! The only thing standing in your way is your self. 

With so much love

Saturday, 1 July 2017


" To Master yourself is to master this life, it is ultimate freedom from within." - RLM

Self mastery is all about knowing yourself and having absolute control and acceptance of yourself. To be happy in this life is not about controlling our external circumstances, or controlling other people, it is about having control over our self and our reactions to any given circumstance. 

To be happy in this life is about mastering the relationship you have with yourself. The route to freedom, true freedom is the journey into the center of your own soul and finding peace there.

I believe that learning about myself and knowing my ego and knowing my soul and knowing my faults and knowing my strengths, knowing my likes and knowing my dislikes has been a very scary but worthwhile and fulfilling journey.

It has been a very empowering and liberating journey. By knowing myself completely I am grounded and unshakable in my own truth and it is that which has set me free. 

People are all so afraid of going within. It seems to be the most intimidating thought for most people. What are you afraid of finding? I have been in and I can honestly say that all you are going to find is yourself.

On this journey I have learned to embrace every part of my being and I know who I am. I am an open book to myself. I accept my flaws and there is no part of myself that I am trying to hide from and therefore no part of me I am trying to defend from others.

If there is nothing to hide and nothing to defend, there is nothing to get offended about either.

In seeing and knowing my own ego I am able to identify ego in another, and in that a world of compassion opens up. If there is resistance in me to anyone or anything I know that it is only an indication that I am being tested and learning is happening. 

I love knowing that nothing and no one has any power over me, and that my happiness is only in my hands. It means I need no one and nothing to make me feel fulfilled but myself.

In saying all of this, what does mastery really mean? I see it that we are going to be tested and tested over and over again in the things that we are trying to master. Whether it be our emotions, our love for our self, unconditional love, dissolving ego, patients, whatever you are choosing to master, you will be tested.

And you need to be tested over and over again because it is in the testing that you are learning and it is in the learning that you are mastering, until one day you realise that you are now a master of that particular thing that you were trying to master.

There is a process and a pathway to mastery and it is called life and living. Each moment is a new chance to put into practice something you learned from the last test and take conscious action towards the goal of mastery.

I believe in mastering the self. Know your ego and always strive to be better in all ways everyday. Never give up on your self, you are the most important investment you can make and the time and effort you put into your growth and learning reflects on the happiness and freedom you feel in your soul.  

With so much love

Tuesday, 13 June 2017


" If your relationship with yourself is pure love, your relationship with everything else will be pure love too." RLM

Absolutely everything that we experience externally is based on the awareness we have to our internal world, and more specifically our relationship with our self.

Every moment of everyday we are reacting to our life, which, as we get older seems to become more and more challenging, stressful and unhappy. But it doesn't have to be!!! It can become more relaxed, fun, peaceful and happy.

If we take an honest look into our own inner worlds. Look without judgement, but as an observer to what is, we will notice that the chaos we are living outside is a reflection of the chaos we are living inside of our souls.

Honesty is a very, very important value to adopt for ourselves in order to attain freedom and peace within. I personally don't think that we know the true meaning of adopting honesty in all aspects of our lives and most specifically with ourselves.

Nothing can change or shift when we are in denial and if we are not willing to acknowledge that we treat ourselves like shit, we are going to stay stuck in the shit storm of our life. Being in denial, is lying to our self. It is absolute dishonesty when you don't want to acknowledge your own souls needs.

A basic question which I always want someone to ask them self is, "Are you happy with your life?" 

When you answer be honest!! Do you enjoy your body, your work, your relationships, your responsibilities, your material circumstances? 

Do you know what makes you happy, but avoid doing any of it because you are too busy surviving from your day to day activities, which hold no joy for you. 

Are you either on autopilot and just do what you have to do without thought, but also without joy. Or you are resisting the life you have by finding endless misery in the circumstances you are experiencing.

In order for us to thrive as human beings we need to feel loved, valued and appreciated.

In order for us to shrivel and die inside we need to be ignored and made to feel insignificant by having our needs over looked and feel like we have no one who cares about us.

If you look at what we need to thrive and what kills us, can you honestly say that you love, appreciate and value yourself? Or do you overlook your needs, thereby making yourself insignificant and showing that you don't care about yourself?

So then answer this...What is your relationship with yourself?

If you start to take care of your self on a soul level, acknowledge and fulfill your needs, value yourself, appreciate yourself and care very, very deeply about your soul, you will start to transform.

You will transmute all lack of love, appreciation and value to abundant love, appreciation and value. If you love, appreciate and value yourself, you will love, appreciate and value all that life has to offer. You will love, appreciate and value other people. 

Transmuting the lack of love to an abundance of love will open up the well of compassion you have inside of yourself, for yourself and others.

So simple. Love yourself. Respect yourself. Do what makes you happy. Appreciate yourself. Value yourself. Be compassionate to yourself. 

Every box that you feel is not being ticked inside of yourself because of an external lack, such as feeling invisible and insignificant, is only an indication that you need to love the heck out of YOURSELF.

When we relate to ourselves with love and gentleness and compassion and appreciation, it transforms our outer world to one of enormous peace and joy, because we are fulfilled. 

We are truly fulfilled when we love ourselves. When you love yourself you have no need for anyone or anything to make you happy, because you are the one who makes you happy.

When you love yourself, you place your happiness in your own hands. When you love yourself you are completely in your personal power, you are an unshakable, grounded, solid being.

Being all of the above, you will only attract the things into your life which honor the sacred relationship that you have with yourself and therefore your external world we be as beautiful as the love you emanate from your soul.

With so much love

Saturday, 3 June 2017


" To be vulnerable takes more courage than to remain unheard, or remain unloving, or remain hiding behind the veil and not really living with all your heart." RLM

Being vulnerable is one of the scariest things for grownups to be. We seem to worry about all the what ifs and all the what could go wrong if we put ourselves out there and exposed our truth that is begging to come out.

We hide our feelings because we are afraid of looking foolish or being rejected. We don't take risks because we are afraid of not succeeding.

It seems mad to a person like me because we can't achieve anything if we are crippled by fear, and by not making ourselves vulnerable we will never know what is on the other side of our dreams, they will always just stay dreams. 

Stepping out of the comfort zone is the difference between finding out if the dreams in our minds and hearts can become a reality. It is only the ones who risk looking like a fool and are open to facing failure that make the difference in the world. It is sad that is the minority.

If you are a person who lives from the space of your head then you will find it hard and very very scary to jump into your heart space, because you are soothed by the protection that the ego gives you.

You like the what ifs that it tells you about. so that you can not take the risks and look like a fool or fail or get rejected. It is your comfort zone and being exposed feels awful to you.

How do you loose that fear? YOU JUST DO IT!!! 

Yup, it is that simple....you just step out of your comfort zone and do the complete opposite thing to what your ego is telling you to do.

That sounds mad right? How can you go against everything that you know and what feels right and safe? 

I say that you can do it because we have to...we have to take the fall into our hearts if we want to be truly happy...we have to be willing to retrain ourselves to make different scary choices until they become to easy and so comfortable and so much apart of you that you don't know how you ever lived without being vulnerable.

Being vulnerable means being you. It means being real and raw and honest about who and what you are at your core. It is about being real about what you are feeling and what you really want for yourself.

Whether that be a new job or the love of your life, or moving to the other side of the world, or stepping out of the norms of your family or friends or society or asking for help or admitting you were wrong and saying sorry. What ever it is that you are wanting to express about who you are and what you need to be really happy at your core.

Human beings will spend a life time with a partner and never have a fulfilled sex life because they are to afraid to tell their partner what they want...to afraid to be vulnerable in the most vulnerable space for two human beings...what will they think of you if you actually enjoy sex and enjoy the gift of your own body and the wonder and joy of intimacy with someone that you love.

Living a human life is a scary daunting thing or it is a beautiful magical gift. We have people that we may disappoint or we have people that may disappoint us. We have awesome ideas and dreams that we are to afraid to take further because we are to afraid to fail or have people judge us.

People are going to judge you. And I say.....SO WHAT!!! LET THEM JUDGE!! Other peoples opinions are just that and need have no bearing on you and who you are. Don't let someone elses fear stop you from being happy and real.

Isn't it so sad to think that most of us don't live our lives fully because we are so stuck behind fear and that fear is actually just a load of rubbish ideas that our egos tell us, it is just a made up load of crap in our minds. We pre decide the outcome and then never take the risks.

The rule of losing the fear of being vulnerable, is to be vulnerable...if you want to change the results of your life then you are going to have to change the way you do things. If you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same results.

You are going to be scared in every moment when you are faced with the choice to be vulnerable, but to get over the fear you are going to have to teach yourself to act in spite of it. You will then break your pattern and your heart will eventually be the one that is doing the decision making and the fear will become less and less and less. 

Being vulnerable is the most courageous thing a human being can be. Being vulnerable is being authentic and it is being true to your heart.

Being vulnerable is for the strong, brave souls. Being vulnerable is about over coming fears and bearing your soul in spite of judgement and rejection and failure. It is about being strong in your truth and being in line with your authentic self and not stopping the flow of the Universe working through you. 

Vulnerability is one of the strongest traits of the human spirit. It is about breaking down walls around your hearts and your dreams and your souls longings. 

There is no rule that we are what we are. We can all choose something different for ourselves in any moment. We can become new and reborn in a new truth anytime we choose to do so. We just have to do it. 

With so much love

Saturday, 20 May 2017


"Your perception of me is a reflection or you, my reaction to you is an awareness of me" - UNKNOWN

How we view the world, is exactly that, it is our view. There are billions of people on this planet and each and every one of us has a different way of perceiving our reality. 

I believe we all live according to an individual truth because we process new information and experiences based on our unique understanding of our own reality. That personal reality is based on our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual opinions, experiences and information. 

I can look into a night sky and see infinity, and others can see only stars, or perhaps someone will only see darkness. Every pair of eyes will see it differently and not only see it differently but also understand and feel it differently. Some will see it with awe and humility and others with arrogance and fear. 

Inside each and every reality is a world and what we seem to always over look is that our worlds are not the same.

If you can put yourself into a personal relationship and think back on a time where your partner or anyone close really let you have it and gave you the worst opinion of yourself. (Not because you were an asshole, but because they were hurting and needed an outlet.) That opinion/perception that they shared of you is actually a reflection of them self. 

We only view and react to the world around us in the way that we see ourselves. This is a pretty scary thought and hopefully an awakening moment into our own behavior sometimes. It could be a very liberating thought though or even a relief to know why you are always seeing the good in people who consistently show you their dark side. Or it can give you a really strong ego reaction and resistance if you only see the bad in others.

So now knowing that and thinking back to how you reacted to someone freaking out at you, did you freak out and take it personally and try to defend yourself and explain yourself and have a desperate need for them to change their opinion/perception of you? 

Your reaction to them is an awareness of you. If you are grounded in your truth and centered in who you are, you are not going to take it personally or agree with anything that they have said, you simply won't take it on and you will know that it is only their perception and rather have compassion for them and see that their fight is not with you but with them self, then you are not going to react very much at all are you?

Not understanding that everything is perception is grounds to keep suffering and keep taking things personally and keep fighting back. So why not stop the fight?

What if everyone stopped taking things personally? What if everyone looked inside them self and stopped pushing blame onto everything outside of them self for any suffering that they are experiencing?

Try see others and yourself through eyes of love and compassion when someone else is not in their center, don't lower your vibration and play the game with them. Because it really is just a game. It is an ego push and pull game with each other and mostly with our self. 

Sometimes you will wax it and other times when your buttons are pushed you are going to react from the automatic programme you have had since childhood. But to either response you have, be mindful of how you feel after and then try be conscious the next time how you choose to react. 

Everything in this life is about you. The only way to heal your soul is to know your self and to master yourself. Once your relationship with yourself changes and heals, every relationship in your life will heal and change for the better. Life is to enjoy and be happy, so lets drop the drama!

With so much love

Tuesday, 25 April 2017


" Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom." - ARISTOTLE

Self awareness is an extremely broad topic, but in this post I am going to talk about the shadow work aspect of it. The getting to know all of you and accepting yourself in all of your entirety. 

It is impossible to change anything if you don't know what you are trying to change or don't want to believe that you have anything to change. 

If a person wants to grow, spiritually, emotionally and mentally, you have to be prepared to get to know yourself, really know yourself. We get so focused on our external circumstances, and become more and more frustrated when we don't see the results we want in our external reality, when in fact the only thing that we have complete power over is our internal world, and changing the inner world will get the outer results. This is the law of attraction, and self awareness is the key. The deeper you are prepared to dive into yourself, the deeper your healing and growth will be. The happier your life will be and the more fulfilled your life will be. Inner work is all about self awareness, and self awareness is all about self empowerment, and self mastery. Self mastery is all about authentic happiness and that is freedom from within. 

"When you know yourself you are empowered, when you accept yourself you are invincible"

The solution to nearly every issue in a persons life is self awareness. Self awareness lifts you from suffering and leads you to freedom. We fear so much as human beings, we really do operate from a space of fear above all else. We are afraid to fail, afraid to succeed, afraid to love, afraid not to be loved, afraid to be happy, afraid that being miserable is all there is to life. I believe the two biggest fears a human being holds are the fear of being wrong and the fear of not being liked.

This being said, I think it is these two fears that prevent people from owning their own shit and moving forward in their lives and up and out of misery and into abundant happiness and freedom from within. It is these two fears that stop people from diving into self awareness because you are going to have to get to know all parts of yourself, the good, the bad, the ugly and then fall in love with all of it and then learn that we are all fucking beautiful!!! Nothing to be scared of at all!!! BUT you are going to have to accept that you are perfectly imperfect and that it is absolutely ok and wonderful to be wrong, to have faults and weaknesses and even better yet, that knowing your faults and weaknesses make you more awesome and is actually a quality of enormous strength! 

The two hardest things for people to say are I am sorry and I am wrong. We fight so hard, (even if it is a lie) to be right and to believe that someone else thinks we are right too, even when we have been caught with our hand in the cookie jar. We will try and defend our actions to make ourselves right again. We defend, defend, defend, truth or not, something inside the human wants to be right and will rather hide from the truth and live a lie just to be 'right' in their ego. That creates such an enormous amount of stress!!! Imagine if we were able to own our own shit and just say sorry we were wrong? Can you imagine how much pressure that would take off of you not always having to be 'perfect', what utter relief!

What are we defending anyway? We are not fooling anyone but our selves, if you were a douche bag to someone and you had no reason to be, the person who was on the receiving end knows the truth, you just make yourself look like a bigger idiot by not being able to own your shit and say sorry. With self awareness comes vulnerability, and that too is a huge big fear zone for mere mortals. This is why people avoid getting to know themselves but this is also the reason why people can't move past their shit and keep repeating the same crappy cycles of misery in their lives. Nothing will change until you do. You can move planets and every circumstance under the sun but you are still dragging yourself with you and will therefore keep getting the same results. 

"Truth is not what you want it to be, it is what it is and you must bend to its power or live a lie." - MIYAMOTO MUSASHI

Be brave, be authentic, be vulnerable, be you!! When we drop the mask, we find peace and joy because we gain unconditional love and self acceptance; the fear and ego can melt away along with the judge in your mind. 

There is learning in every part of our experiences, but especially in the darkness, and it is on the shadows that you need to shine the light.

With so much love

Thursday, 23 March 2017


"Transformation happens on the other side of surrender."

Stress is such and ingrained part of our lives. It is like we don't function unless we are worrying about something. We never truly live, because we are so busy stressing over things. In life there will be troubles, that is a given, but how we deal with those troubles, that is a choice. 

I have always had a programme in me to attach myself to the outcome. It is an awful programme, it has not served me well in any way, shape or form, in fact it is massively stressful. My recent life's troubles has given me the absolute perfect opportunity to change this programme, because it has given me so much attachment to outcome. The Universe will keep giving you the same situations until you learn your lesson. 

My first reaction to all the stress, was to stress, just like I have always done. I had so much anxiety and fear over what is going to happen that I was actually crippled by trying to control the outcome and analyzing every possible option to get out of the predicament, (which by the way is way beyond my control, but I was trying with all of my might to control it). Then I had a realisation, the outcome will be what it is, with or without my stress. Sure, action needs to be taken, which obviously it will be, but is it really necessary to stress every single step of the way? This can be simple, I don't need to complicate this, this is an opportunity to put new programming in place and go with the flow, let go and let God. I was so aware of how uncomfortable the stress made me, that I realised that the only thing that was giving it life and feeding it, was me, with my thoughts and worry. 

I then chose a new path...I surrendered....I surrendered to every bit of stress in my body. I surrendered to every emotion I was feeling, I surrendered to every circumstance that is beyond my control. I surrendered to the reality that I had created in my mind. I surrendered to God, and I said you know what you are doing, so you can do it. For once I don't need to obsessively know the details in between, the how and the when. Everything is going to be ok. I let go of the reigns. I well and truly surrendered. 

What has the gift of that been? I have been calm and myself, (most of the time). I have enjoyed each day as it has come. I have been able to get a hold of myself and eat to support myself not abuse myself, (I believe comfort eating on junk food is self abuse and debilitating, it makes me completely none productive, and in the beginning of this stress that is where I ran, to old habits of self comfort). It has allowed me to walk my talk. It has allowed me to be compassionate to myself and think clearly. It has allowed me to get my day to day activities done, and still be present for friends who have needed my support. It has helped me to find new and powerful ways to nurture my well being. 

Surrender is not something that just happens and stays there, it is an on going life practice, a moment to moment awareness and an on going opportunity to choose the path of least resistance. Surrender is an acceptance of what is and the faith to know that everything will be ok. Surrender allows you to be happy, when the ego is telling you that all the odds are stacked against you, surrender gives you peace of mind and even a very healthy I don't give a fuck attitude.

When life pushes you out of your comfort zone, you have choices...You can resist it and fight it with all your might, stress about it, try and control the outcome and be completely miserable. Or you can surrender to it, go with the flow, trust that everything is happening for your higher good and that everything will be ok and that the Universe has your back.

With so much love

Monday, 13 March 2017


" Everyone feels like a winner when effective communication is the order of the day!" RLM

Effective communication could be the single most important thing that we can implement into our lives. Every single thing that we do relies on communication. Whether it be at home in our personal relationships with our partners and children or socially with friends and acquaintances or in the work place with colleagues, bosses and staff or just with every day life when shopping, driving or banking. We communicate constantly, whether we realise it or not. We are communicating with ourselves, our God and every single person we come into contact with. Yet somehow we are the least equipped in this vital skill as to how to create a win win scenario at all times. 

When we can understand that every single thing is about communication, even in the silence there is communication. By choosing to say nothing you are also sending a message. By being angry you are sending a message. By being ungrateful and rude you are sending a message. Nothing that we do is not communicating. If we start becoming aware of our own very unique, individual message that we are putting out there, we can start adjusting and changing our part of the communication and start taking responsibility to have deeper more meaningful relationships with loved ones and authentic interactions with colleagues and even strangers.There are guide lines to follow in order to be an effective communicator. The benefits of implementing this into your life is happiness, compassion, non judgement and ultimately freedom from within. 

Effective communication can be a solution to so many problems that we face in our day to day lives. I believe that if more bosses took the time to invest in their staff and create standard operating procedures based on the 5 keys below, work places would become happier and far more productive. Just as homes and schools would be more peaceful and children will grow up self empowered with very powerful tools to make this world a better place.

The perfect place to start with effective communication and start making an immediate change today is to start with ourselves. We are not very kind communicators with ourselves in fact we are the harshest judge and critic in our own mind chatter. I see it as follows...

We are constantly lying to each other about what we are feeling and going through and then we ignore any signs or symptoms that we have a problem. We want to portray that every thing is always hunky dory. We are defensive and ego driven, with fear as the main driver. We find it so hard to ask for help or admit that things are tough. We have this facade that we must be strong at all times, everybody around you must think that you have got it together in every moment. Inside you are freaking out and then beating yourself up for not being stronger or fitter or healthier or richer or more skilled or more energetic. You name it and we will find a fault with ourselves, but we want the outside world to think that we are perfect. Do you even notice this about yourself? I have come to know that my relationship with myself is the foundation of all of my relationships. How I communicate with myself is the defining point of how I handle any situation that arises and it is the same for you. We are constantly communicating with ourselves. We have the voice in the head which is the judge and the critic and we somehow believe that it is in charge of our body and our life. The truth is that it is just the ego and only has power if we allow it to. We have a choice in every moment to choose how we can effectively communicate with ourselves.I love that!!! It means that we are in control and we have the power. Do we choose to acknowledge our accomplishments and strengths and therefore feel good about who we are or do we choose to tear ourselves apart because we are not measuring up to the totally unrealistic idea of perfection in our heads?These choices are our communication with self. It determines your self worth to yourself! How you treat yourself on ALL levels determines how deserving you feel you are. 

Did you know that you can change the way you talk to yourself and change the way you view the world or your place in it? Did you know that your self esteem and confidence is in your hands? Did you know that how you look and feel is all up to you? Did you know that your attitude towards yourself is all in how kind you choose to be with your self in every moment. How do you communicate with yourself? Check the list below and ask yourself if you communicate with yourself with CLARITY, RESPECT, UNDERSTANDING, SOLUTIONS and TRUST?

Five main effective communication keys are as follows:
  • clarity - objectives, clear, reasonable expectations
  • respect - feeling valued, important and accepted, a valuable part of a team
  • understanding - feeling understood, appreciated and valuable, compassionate and empathetic responses
  • solutions - compromise, win win, confidence, obtaining objectives
  • trust - feeling safe to be vulnerable, honest and open without fear, judgement or disapproval
If we could start being kind to ourselves we will start treating others with the same values and respect and we will only expect the same back for ourselves from others. "Be the change you wish to see in the world", change the world by changing yourself and how you treat yourself. 

With so much love

Monday, 13 February 2017


"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." - PABLO PICASSO

I am always talking about and writing about things that I think are useful and relevant to personal growth and transformation to happiness. That is my 'thing', I am the solution finder and the pathway to authentic happiness is my 'game'. I love to share my insights and all the things that help me to win at my 'game' I want to pass that knowledge on to whomever it can help. Every time I have a new insight and awakening I write it down because if it can help me, it could also help you. I have accumulated lots of skills and tools along the way, certificates and qualifications, but none of them make me happy enough to say that it is my 'thing'. Nothing sets my soul on fire more than passing on the secrets of the soul and the road to authentic, abundant happiness. Authenticity and vulnerability, learning and growing at a soul level, that is like breathing for me. This seems like a most irrelevant bit of information about myself, but in those lines I have revealed my life purpose. To me it is like the nectar of life. I have searched for years and years and years to know my purpose on this planet. I have really searched with all my heart and soul to know what my contribution is to this planet, not because I felt like I had to have a purpose, but because there was a yearning, a calling inside of me telling me that I do. It has taken a lifetime of experiences, followed by concentrated self awareness and the commitment to heal all the parts of my being that I have been led to the above understanding and knowing of my place and purpose on planet earth. I have had to own parts of myself that are so far from the norm of society. I have had to understand that this is what makes me happy beyond my wildest dreams and this is me in a nut shell, analyzing, introspecting, solution finding, constant all the time....I do the inner work like nobody you have met before. The inner work is getting to know myself, the good, the bad and the ugly, and the miraculously beautiful too. Doing the inner work has proven to me that happiness is not an idea in my head anymore, doing the inner work has given me a very clear map to destination happiness. Doing the inner work is me, and my purpose. It is by far a very unusual gift and skill, but it is mine and without being open and honest enough to own it and be me, authentic and vulnerable, I would never have had the joy of feeling like I really know my 'thing'. 

We all have some form of a purpose, we all have a burning need inside us to do something or be something or achieve something. I believe we all have this burn inside of us for a reason and it is not to be ignored, it is to be brought to awareness, honored and nurtured. I believe that honoring this burning desire is honoring our soul and a very important step to happiness and the start of becoming aware of the greatness that we are. We were all born with very unique skill sets, and very unique desires and very unique goals, dreams and aspirations. We have these because each of us own a unique gift to contribute to the world. That gift is what sets your soul on fire, the thing that you would do even if you didn't get paid to do it. It is the thing that you think of when you lie in your bed alone in your head. It is probably the thing that you have told yourself you are silly for wanting to do it, and have buried the dream of it along with your true happiness. 

We are souls in a human body, yet we live as if we are human bodies with a mind and the soul is a by product. Our soul is our compass to happiness, it is the most important part of our being. Sure we are ultimately source energy, we are the miracle that makes babies form and every other phenomena on the planet that science can't explain, but the soul is the expression and experience of the two worlds combined. The soul is the combination of source energy and human 3 dimensional experience. Our soul is our joy zone, our peace zone, our unconditional love zone. Our soul is our connection to the divine and disconnection from our ego and all fear based belief systems. Our soul is happiest when you are the authentic version of yourself, when you are honoring your miraculous being on this planet.  

Most people on this planet are so busy surviving, that nobody is really living. Most are in a job they hate or have settled for, are in a body which they don't care for or even like, in a relationship which challenges them more than feeds them and most have no idea that they are a very special soul. Most people feel so stuck in their circumstances that they do not realise above all else that they have a choice to change their lives and that they can choose to live and be really happy rather than just survive waiting for their life to be over. (Maybe I should omit the statement that they are waiting for their life to be over, humans live like they are immortal and take this precious life for granted and waste it.) Not many people live to be happy or to have peace and joy in their hearts. I believe it is not because people are consciously choosing this madness, I believe it is because people are not even aware that they are living like this to begin with. Most people are not happy, but they are not questioning it. People settle for the norm of society and don't question themselves at all. In fact people start judging themselves and create more unhappiness and so the cycle continues. The cycle further into ego and farther away from soul. Every time we make a choice based on what we think we have to do and not what will make us happy we take a step away from our soul.

What makes you happy? Truly happy! Do you ever question what you do and ask yourself if it makes you happy or not? Do you love helping others, or cooking, or gardening, or teaching, or swimming, or sewing or writing? What is that thing that just puts you into your happy place? Do you allow yourself enough freedom to dream of that or is it to scary to even go there because it means you may have to go against everything that you have been taught in this society?

We all have a purpose, and that in my mind is to be happy above all else, and being human we get happiness in the positive perception of the experiences which we have. It is our responsibility to ourselves to figure that shit out and be happy and then pass that gift on to others just by shining and being happy.

What is your thing? I would love to hear!

With so much love

Saturday, 28 January 2017


"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere"

I am so super excited to announce that I am teaching Self Mastery and Soul Healing classes at Amber Moon, Beach Road, Gordons Bay every Sunday. There are two classes, one starts at 10am, the other at 1pm. 

Self Mastery and Soul Healing Classes are for those who want to dive deep. It is philosophical and deep, aimed at clearing and lifting emotional baggage and deep healing. There is a lot of process work, emotional cleansing and in depth. We also discuss energy healing tools. Its for those seeking freedom from within wanting to attain enlightenment. 

Some topics covered:

Self Awareness and intuition


Living from the Soul

Emotional Cleansing and processing


Creativity - Being the master Creator
Law of Vibration and Attraction
Personal Responsibility
Our Energy system
Energy Healing
Wounds of the Soul

For a more detailed break down of subjects, check out my classes and workshops page 

These classes will be weekly and ongoing until the syllabus is complete. The duration of the classes will give us time to really get to know one another and bond on a deep level and I look forward to that experience. Each class will be roughly 2 and half hours long. Cost is R400 per month or R100 per class. 

If you would like to book a place or have any questions you can email me rosemariemoodley@gmail.com or give me a call 0763997734

Please feel free to share this post with anyone who you think will be interested in joining the classes and being a part of a healing soul journey. 

I am so looking forwarding to working with you!!

With so much love