Friday, 26 August 2016


"It's always easy to blame others. You can spend your entire life blaming the world, but your successes and failures are entirely your own responsibility." - Paulo Coelho

Personal responsibility in my mind, is the most important thing to own in order to grow, forgive and live an abundantly happy life. We are so busy blaming our past, our childhood, our lack of education, our financial situation, or whatever excuse we have made up in our minds to stay stuck and miserable.

We dis empower ourselves the moment we believe the lie that our circumstances dictate our happiness. Happiness really is a choice, it is an inside job and it is far to important to assign it to someone or something else.

I think that we are at a point on this planet where we are needing drastic change in our personal development. We have not been taught in our society that there is no quick fix, no magic pill and no magic wand that is going to fix our life, so that is what we are all looking for! We are becoming lazier, fatter, more unhealthy physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We are moving forward so fast technologically and we are leaving the heart and the soul behind. 

I say enough!!!! 

A simple shift in attitude, a simple shift from victim mode is what we need to get back into our personal power.  We have the power to do ANYTHING and change EVERYTHING through accepting personal responsibility for how we live our lives. 

I find it almost comical that as a solution to our own unhappiness we would rather go to a doctor to prescribe a pill to make us happier rather than dig into our heart and find the reason why we are unhappy in the first place. When did we become so powerless to help ourselves?  When did we start settling for misery and struggle as the norm? 

Everything that is wrong in our lives today is because of ourselves. (I am not talking about children here, they still need someone else to take responsibility for them.) 

I am the responsibility queen, in every shitty circumstance of my life I can see where I am responsible, I am never a victim anymore because I know that the only thing that gives somebody the right to abuse me is me! My happiness and success is in my hands. I forgive anybody who has 'wronged' me because it frees me. I take daily action to look after my body, mind and spirit. I choose how I react to any situation. I choose who I am at my core in every moment. I stand firm on my values and principles. All of this leads to daily freedom and happiness, even if it is a shitty day, because I am in the drivers seat of my life!

You deserve the same! You can do the same! You have all the power within you to be happy and free.  Take your power back and claim personal responsibility for your life! 

To every problem there is a solution, which means there are only solutions!!

Is there something that you are feeling stuck with and can't see how you can take personal responsibility for this? If so please leave a comment below and I would love to help you find your solution. Your comment may help somebody else because sharing really is caring.

With so much love

Thursday, 18 August 2016


"Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live in."

I have had a very interesting couple of weeks, because I have been a bit on the down side and the tiered side for no apparent reason to me.  BUT truth be told it should be VERY apparent to me because I do get low iron, rather often and rather horribly, but I seem to have this weird mental block to keeping it under control and of course be aware when I am not so that I can quickly rectify it. But time and time again it nails me, and it is not like it slowly creeps up on me either, it has some pretty loud warning signs that it is low, and I just don't see it until it is so far gone that it takes a week (if I am lucky) or more (anything up to a month) to get myself back to normal.  It is like I am in denial that I have anything wrong with me.

I am going to tell you the warning signs, because so many of us suffer from this and are totally oblivious that we do. People who should particularly take heed are vegans and vegetarians, or selectatarians such as myself.  I eat red meat, but only for iron, and I forget to eat it, so I get low iron, then I eat meat and feel better and then forget to eat meat, so I get low iron and so it goes with me and has been like this for more than 6 years, since I gave birth to my twins.

Here are my warning signs...

  • Tiredness and fatigue - I feel like I need an afternoon nap and fall asleep really early at night.  I wake up and think of coffee, (and I don't drink coffee every day)
  • Shortness of breath after walking five steps and loss of strength - I feel my heart in my throat walking to my car or up a couple of stairs (I am quite fit, so this should send alarm bells but not for me, you have to scrape me off the ground before the penny drops) I also feel so weak, I can't carry stuff because everything feels heavy and my arms and legs get sore quickly. (I am one super strong chick, so again, why don't I get it?)
  • I am irritable with everything, my PMS is in overdrive, it starts far to early and doesn't stop after my period finishes, in fact it gets worse, which means it is not PMS at all, it is low iron.
  • I get a headache the day after I start my period.
  • I get constipated.
  • I get this low lying sadness.
  • I get cold sores.
  • My concentration sucks and I am demotivated.
  • I feel vulnerable and exposed.
  • I feel anxious.
  • My shoulders feel tense.
  • I loose my appetite.
I don't experience all of these symptoms immediately and I don't always get all of them, (if I realise I have low iron before they do all appear), but the symptoms are big enough on their own to make me feel rather shitty and one would think that I would do something about it sooner so that I can be my normal, happy, cheerful self again, because that makes good sense.

Now here is the moment of truth about my avoiding fixing myself when all of these symptoms arise.....I don't like eating meat, so I forget that it is what I need to feel better, so each symptom is ignored and hence I have to scrape the bottom of the barrel before I am willing realise I need meat.

There are good vegan and vegetarian supplements out there which I could take, but they take a while to have an effect, and red meat starts having an immediate effect on my iron levels. Ideally I need to be on a supplement everyday so that I can avoid this all together, and that is just what I am going to have to do!  I will add it to my other daily supplement routine and I will feel like a million bucks everyday now, and chances are I won't have to eat meat to fix the problem! It has taken me more than 6 years to figure this out! (I really shouldn't admit that.) 

The main point of this article is to bring to attention to how we can and do self sabotage ourselves.  I am educated in nutrition, yet this happens to me.  The red flag waves and I ignore it and go down the spiral of avoidable yukness.  I bring it on myself, time and time again.  Well thankfully through writing this article I have found a solution, and I hope that I am now going to be kinder to myself and more awake to help myself out of the mess low iron creates, by just taking a simple supplement everyday and avoiding it all together!  No more self sabotaging myself with this thing anymore. 

I hope that the information in here has been useful to you. Please leave a comment below and let me know.

With much love

Friday, 12 August 2016

ENERGY HEALING - How it works and how it's worked for me

"Everything is energy, your thought begins it, your emotion amplifies it and your action increases the momentum."

I am an energy healer, and I am often asked "what do you do?" So I decided it was time to dedicate a blog post to the subject to explain about what I think is one of the most wonderful tools on the planet for healing and raising our vibration. 

As the little picture above so beautifully and simply illustrates, energy healing gets rid of stuck energy and blockages. Stuck energy can be a whole lot of different things, it can be an emotion or a trauma, or a negative belief system or a consciousness.  It could be an experience, or an instance, or an archetype, or a relationship.  There is a rather extensive list, but I am sure you get the gist of it.  

These blockages can manifest as illness or disease, aches and pains, hormonal imbalance like infertility, PMS, lack of sex drive or over active sex drive, mental and emotional problems like depression, anxiety, ADD or ADHD and personality disorders, insomnia or asthma. Blockages can also manifest in a way like what we attract into our lives, such as unhealthy relationships, financial hardships, jobs we are unhappy with, lack of success and an abundance of unhappiness and poor self confidence.  The list is endless, because it can help with anything if the depth of intention is there for healing. 

So my job, or the job of a healer, is to find out what the stuck energy is and where it is in the client, and then to clear it out.  

The ways of getting this information is muscle testing, which every single person can learn how to do.  Another is learning to use your intuition, which is also something that everybody can do, but not everybody has the belief in themselves or the inclination to learn how.  Some people can see the energy, others can feel the energy and this way they know where to remove the blocks.

You do not need to be psychic to do this, or have a special gift.  I learnt how to do this because of the healing it has given to me and my children.  It helps so much with behavioral and emotional issues in kids and teens. It helps with animals too! When the opportunity arose for me to learn, I jumped in with every ounce of my being because I knew from experience what an incredible tool it would be for me have for myself, my family and friends and everyone else who I can help. I did a course called CORE REGENERATION, which gives you the basis of what you need to become a healer if your desire is strong enough.  

I personally use a combination of muscle testing and intuitive healing with my angels. I started with muscle testing only and then slowly my angels have guided me to heal as I heal now, and this method is developing and changing all the time.  I am always learning and growing with my technique.

I do most of my healings distance as this has suited my clients and it is as powerful as a hands on session, please see my REVIEWS PAGE to read  clients testimonials.

If you are interested in making an appointment for a session with me or would like details on what I charge see my CONTACT PAGE.

If you have any questions please leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you.

With much love

Thursday, 4 August 2016



I love watching motivational talks and interviews and books, I actively seek them out, practically everyday, even if I only have time for a five minute talk, I do it.  I mostly have my pen and paper handy and make notes of the gems I get from them.  One thing is certain when I watch or read, the more I learn, the less I know, and I love it!

I get excited every time I find a new person that I really relate to, and with every new insight I resonate with.  I love it when I re read a book with new eyes and understanding and it gives me more the second, third or fourth time I read it.  One book particularly, called 'The Mastery of love' - by Don Miguel Ruiz, I have read 9 times!  

This week I have gone on a rampage of inspiration and have been introduced to Marie TV, Marie Forleo is a life coach and beautiful soul.  She tells a story in a way that had me riveted and living the moment with her.  She is amazing, so down to earth and easy to relate to and the work she does is brilliant, check her out if you get a chance

Another suggestion that I would like to make is that you watch Anthony Robbins movie on netfix called 'Tony Robbins - I am not your Guru' this is the link to the trailor I found the movie to be hugely inspiring.  If you don't know who he is Tony Robbins is probably the most famous self help coach in America. A truly remarkable man. 

There is an abundance of brilliance in this world, in fact there is an abundance of brilliance in each and everyone of us, we just need to tune into it if we aren't already tuned in. Watching others who are tuned in to their brilliance, inspires us to tune into our own, creating a gorgeous chain reaction of love, light and brilliance, so go out and find someone to inspire or someone to inspire you!

Please leave me a comment, I would love to hear about what inspires you, or how you inspire others.

With much love