Wednesday, 27 July 2016



Each one of us has a gift, each one of us has a light inside us so bright that we could light up the entire universe on our own, if we were willing to see our own beauty.  

When I look back on my life, I can so clearly see that everything that has happened to me happened for a good reason and a greater good. Every bit of abuse, every bit of bullying, every bit of neglect happened for a reason. Nothing was personal! That realisation was the game changer for me.

Now everything makes sense to me and inside of my heart I feel gratitude, understanding and inspiration because of the life I have lived and how I have overcome my challenges and problems.  I now view "problems" as lessons and I welcome the lesson, when and if a new one arises.  I have understanding, compassion and love for my shadow side, and no longer reject it.  I embrace my strengths and weaknesses and I feel deep respect for myself and love.  And I feel the same for others, because I can see their struggle because I have been there too.  It was not always like this though, it has been a long journey of self awareness and being prepared to own my story, good and bad, the whole entire package that is me.  

I used to reject myself all the time and I used to judge myself all the time, I was my own worst enemy because I was trying so hard to strive for my idea of perfection, in the hopes that I will be lovable if I could be better than I was, because who I was was only ever abused.  I was living with echoes from my upbringing telling me that it is vain and arrogant to know my own strengths and very weak to admit to my flaws. So for a long time I was defensive when my flaws reared their heads and I hid the truth of my own brilliance.  I forced myself to be below average, yet at the same time was trying to be perfect. I was a walking confused, contradiction in mountains of pain. I hated my story and I was so ashamed of the life I lived because I never seemed to be able to get it together.  I just couldn't live up the the picture I had created in my head. 

Through the striving for my idea of perfection it led me to be a person who really lives my values, and through learning and growing and maturity I started viewing my life with my own eyes and not the eyes of society and my family. I have learnt that the idea of perfection in my head is an illusion
because everything is perfect just as it is, me included.  I have learnt that when we create an idea of perfection it is always unattainable. It causes us to judge ourselves and beat up on ourselves.  We never live up to our crazy expectations, because we are always moving the goal post and get into the habit of putting emphasis on our failures, and not on the beauty inside of us.  We are always a victim to our inner judge and never move past it.

For me dropping my judge and my victim attitude was the best thing I have ever done!  It is not gone completely, because I am human.  But I can say that it doesn't dominate me and control my life anymore.  The more awareness that I have brought to it, the more it has dissolved.  It has given me the understanding of taking responsibility for absolutely every aspect of my life, even the things which appear to be out of my control, I own them, and grow from them.  I now put emphasis on the beauty inside me and the amazing woman I am and the gift I have to share with others. I have done this by embracing both my shadow and my light and having deep compassion for myself. Now I see the light inside of others, because I see that we are all apart of the same journey. I believe in the light inside every single person on this planet, because we are all one, and I am not different from anyone else.  If I can do it, so can you!  I urge you to embrace all of you, good and bad, and see what happens if you give yourself a break and love yourself rather than judge yourself. Change will not be immediate, but if you can do this, change will come, but you have to take the first step. 

With much love

P.S  I am posting the blog early this week because I am going away for few days to see my most wonderful oldest Son and beautiful friends, so I would rather be early than late with the blog.

P.P.S  I would to say that I am so thankful and grateful to everyone that reads my blog, I would be over the moon if you left a comment for me to give me feedback or share your story with me.

Saturday, 23 July 2016


"One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day."

We are all so busy trying to survive that we don't give much thought in how to live.  Life is about living though, not surviving.  Life is about expanding, being happy and experiencing joy, love and peace in every moment, no matter what that moment is.  

Being kind to ourselves and taking time for ourselves always seems to be on the bottom of the to do list.  Today I want to ask you to change that.  Try commit to giving yourself five minutes when you wake up in the morning.  Wake up and greet the day with a smile, with love and joy in your heart. Before your feet hit the ground be grateful for 5 things in your life. Feel the gratitude and thank source for the gift of your life.  By doing this simple thing you will set the tone for a great day, because you will be raising your vibration as soon as you wake up, and things can only be great from a space of higher vibration. 

I have a morning ritual which puts me in touch with source and gives me a great sense of peace and acceptance for the rest of my day, for me personally, every day is a great day because I wake up, meditate and practice gratitude.  Even if I only have five minutes, that it is all takes for me to have an amazing day, and that is all it will take for you to have an amazing day.

Take time for yourself, you are the most important person in your life and your life is a gift to enjoy, find ways to enjoy it and raise your vibration.  Play and have fun, laugh everyday, be inspired everyday.  Do something special for yourself once a week.  I am very blessed because I do a lot of swaps because of the energy healing work I do.  I do healings and then people swap their skills to pay me back for the healing. One amazing treatment that I get is called Meziere Massage, it is seriously the most relaxing most wonderful experience ever, I would highly recommend you try it or find something that you can do for yourself which will make you feel happy to be alive.

The better we feel, the more positive impact we have on those around us, it is only a win win if we love ourselves more.

Life is a gift, live it.

With much love

Thursday, 14 July 2016



I have had a great life lesson over the last couple of weeks, because my daily routine has been jiggled and I have had to surrender to what is rather than do what I thought needed doing.  Amazingly life has carried on and I have lost nothing, in fact I have gained wonderful moments and memories with my kids and friends and a bit more insight into myself and a deep sense of this moment....what a gift....

I have always thought of myself as a pretty laid back person, but to be honest I think that it has seemed like that on the surface because it is something I have wanted to portray, but underneath I have been a duck treading water because the feelings I have had inside have been tense and I have been judging myself all the time according to what I think I should have been doing and then I have totally been missing the moment.  

That exquisite moment when the sun feels so heavenly on my skin and the weaver birds pop into the garden to say thank you for the veggie scraps and greet me. The shiny silky feathers on the ibis looking for food on the grass, the perfect air around me connecting every single thing on this planet. Just being in my body with no thought except that I am so grateful for my life, and the humongous joy I feel and endless gratitude for my unbelievable kids and friends.  Loving the gift of life.

Every thing is as it is meant to be, every moment is perfect. No need to do what I thought I needed to be doing because when the time is right I will be doing it.

Surrender to the perfection of this moment....

I have laughed more, judged less, had fun, played, slept, enjoyed my food, kissed and hugged my kids even more than usual, and stressed less.  Bliss...

You should try it too....

With much love