Sunday, 26 June 2016


"Life can make you bitter or better, you choose" 

I am a person who thinks a lot.  I analyse everything and can't really put something to bed in my mind until I have made sense of it.  Having a hard life and being a good person because of it is something that has always puzzled me, because I must of just been born this way because it wasn't nurtured or was it?  But I am who I am now, and if I was given a choice to be anyone else in the world I would always choose me.  I would make that choice because my core is good.  I am honest, I am kind, I am caring, I am helpful, I am trustworthy.  I allow myself to be vulnerable, in spite of my past and my hardships, I still choose to be vulnerable, no matter the outcome.  Being vulnerable is what I want to talk about today.

Being vulnerable is a trait that I have learnt, it is a trait that I took on when I started on my path of personal growth 17 years ago, I realized that in order to grow I to needed be prepared to let down my guard and be vulnerable and take chances and expose myself, and love without fear.  It took years to master this and become aware of the positive role of vulnerability in my life.  It is a trait that I have that makes me feel proud of myself. I can't say that I have made wise choices with whom I choose to be vulnerable, (that gauge is in for repair), but I can say that I have thrown myself into the love that life has given me with all of my heart. 

Life is hard and life is beautiful, it depends on how you choose to view it.  Showing our vulnerability is seen as being weak in this world, it is deemed as taboo to express how we feel when the other person can reject you.  Well I have done it, in spite of  my fear and I have been richly rewarded through it.  Sure, I have been rejected, and I have not been loved the same way in return, BUT I have loved!  I have felt the ecstasy of ground breaking love.  I have been rewarded with the most wonderful children on the planet.  I have been rewarded with inspiration to help others to overcome their pain.  I have been rewarded with life lessons that have made me stronger and wiser and kinder.  And I would do it again, because this is why we are here on planet earth.  We are here to love and feel loved!

I am talking mostly about love here, but the truth is, being vulnerable means that you will try anything that the outcome is not pre decided on;  like should I start my own business, or should I go overseas for a year, or should I submit my ideas to my boss. It is about saying yes to the things we say no to because of fear. 

A few months ago, I watched a really brilliant TED talk by a woman called Brene Brown.  It was so wonderful for me to watch because she was speaking my language, I believe with all my heart that being vulnerable is needed to experience the full joys of being human and living a truly fulfilled and happy life.  This remarkable woman has made it her life study!  Please watch it, because I hope that it will inspire you to view yourself in a different way.

With much love

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


I have overcome a lot in my life, nothing that has happened to me has made me shrink down or become defeated.  Sure I have had moments when I am low, but I have never stayed there.  Pushing through each challenge has made me stronger and each challenge has taught me something valuable about myself.  I can do it!  

Now that I know that without any doubt in my mind, I can confidently tell you this....

If I can do it, so can you! 

I am going to give you a challenge today, this is one of the tools I have used in my life and it has made me very strong and very happy.

Life will always throw you challenges, that is what life is about, but don't let them shrink you back!  Act in spite of the fear you are feeling.  Stand up to life and say yes! Know who you are and nothing can make you doubt yourself again.

I challenge you to get to know yourself and love who you find, and if you don't like what you find, then change it so that you do love it.  Make a list of 5 of your most beautiful qualities and put it next to your bed and add a new quality to that list everyday.  Be proud of who you are and stop shrinking away from your own brilliance.  It is always so easy to see great qualities in others, but we are taught we are vain or arrogant to acknowledge our own.  That is a lie, and I am challenging you do let go of the lie and acknowledge yourself.

By knowing who you are at your core, you will be more confident and grounded.  Take the reigns and love yourself! 

With much love

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


"Do not bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors.  Try to be better than yourself"  William Faulkner 

I am a very unique soul.  Just like everyone else in this amazing world.  My deepest passions are personal growth and helping people.  I have been on a dedicated personal transformation path for more than 17 years and am still going strong.  Through my life experiences I have found my true purpose on this planet, and that is to share my experiences to help people to become unstuck in their personal pain and dilemmas and to help them find their place in this world and to be fulfilled and happy.  Since I have started listening to my hearts longing to do this I have more creativity and drive than ever before. Doors are flying open for me left right and center.  Everything in my life is falling into place at a speed of light. It is phenomenal! 

I want to share my gifts with the world and contribute to healing the people on this planet.  I want to help others to attain what I have attained.  

I have a number of tools in my toolbox. I am a process workshop presenter, I have written my own workshops based on my personal process which has made my life do a 360 turn around. I am a nutritional therapist, I am a massage therapist, I am an energy healer and I am an artist.

I am busy studying colour therapy and in the process of writing my first book based on the workshops which I do.

This blog will be about the work I do, and hopefully inspire everyone who reads it to be the best they can be.

With much love